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Building a Lasting Financial Legacy: How to Keep, Multiply, and Protect Your Money

September 05, 20232 min read

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There’s a huge difference between reducing taxes and tax strategy.

If your tax strategy is “I’m going to spend more profit so I owe less taxes” that is NOT a tax strategy.

AND- This is something your CPA is probably telling you to do.

Taxes will always be the largest expense you have- unless you know tax-saving strategies.

Strategies like buying insurance from a company pool that I own part of and earning interest on that pool.

That ONE PIECE of knowledge would have saved me $900,000 in taxes.

And I lost that money simply because I didn’t know.

I want to show you how to keep more money, multiply your money and protect your money.

Ways to Keep More Money:

  • Buy insurance from a company pool that you own part of and earn interest on the pool.

  • Hire your kids in your business.

  • Get an HSA

  • Turn Vacations into business events so they can be written off.

  • Leverage debt & depreciation against your income to reduce tax liability

Ways to Multiply Money:

  • Buy Cash-flowing assets instead of junk you don’t need

  • Invest in boring businesses and investments that are “safe” (Take the risks in your biz, not your investments)

  • Find private investments instead of retail investment products

  • Don’t follow Hype- look for consistency

  • Invest in things that are ACTUALLY passive- Don’t buy another job.

Ways to Protect Your Money:

  • Have a Trust

  • Regularly pull the cash OUT of your business account into investments & trusts

  • Regularly moving cash OUT of your personal account into investments & trusts

  • An umbrella insurance policy

  • Creating layers of protection to protect your money

  • Understanding the law of the target- the more success you get, the more you need to protect your money

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