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Is Your Product Good Enough? Exploring the Success and Failure of Business Products

September 19, 20232 min read

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I spent $300k, even though the customer service experience was AWFUL.

Let me tell you why.

When I started boat shopping I knew I wanted a Malibu.

I had owned several before and now that we do this as a family I was ready to invest in a surfing boat that would fit all of us comfortably.

Talked to the sales rep and set up a demo to drive and surf before I bought.

I show up for the appointment and I am ignored.

There’s multiple people here for demos and not being shy I told them I was here for my appointment.

The man hosting my demo asks another family if I can join them.

Okay… no problem.

“I just want to drive it and surf behind it” I tell him.

I have my board in my hand.

“Did you bring a rope & life jacket?”

I paused. “ Um, no. I wasn’t told to bring one- I was just told to bring my board.”

They find a life jacket and a rope.

The whole demo the guy on the boat focuses on the other family there.

They’ve never owned a boat.

I’ve owned 2 Malibús before demoing this one.

I’m not asked about why I’m looking into this boat.

I’m not asked about my previous boats purchased.

I’m not pitched features or services.

The demo ends and the sales guy walks away.

No “goodbye”

No “what did you think?”

No “any questions?”

I’m not mad but in my head I’m thinking “Dude, you’ve got a highly qualified lead standing here and you’re not interested.”

I leave and I look up the competitors' boating products to set up a demo - that’s how bad the experience had been.

But in the end- I bought the $300,000 Malibu because you CAN’T BEAT THE PRODUCT.

You just can’t.

Which brings me to my point:

⚡ A great product will cover a multitude of sins in the business. ⚡

It covered me feeling awkward at the demo.

It covered the price.

It covered the “showing up unprepared” feeling.

It covered the bad sales service.

People will wait for 3 hours outside an outdated, weird, hole-in-the-wall restaurant if the food is good.

If a product delivers customers will:

⏰ They'll set alarms for the drop.

⏲️ They'll suffer the inconvenience of a long line.

😤They'll get ANGRY when you sell out.

🔁 And then they'll come back again.

So how do you KNOW if the product is good enough?

  • It solves a problem

  • It solves that problem better than other products

  • It over-delivers on solving the problem.

If you have those 3 key nuggets in place your product is good enough and you can continue to add to, take away and adjust as you gain customer feedback.

The product should change only enough to wear it hits those 3 targets every time.

Is your product good enough?

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