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Secret Health Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs Part 1

August 15, 20233 min read

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🤣🤣 I told Kaelin to stop training biceps so I could catch up 🤣🤣

We met right after she annihilated a bodybuilding competition and she was JACKED.

Kaelin went from overweight to winning fitness awards.

She went from unhealthy eating being overweight, to unhealthy eating trying to stay jacked.

She agonized over gaining weight.

She punished herself for drinking water, having a dessert, or eating a steak by working out harder the next day.

Eating at restaurants, going out with friends, and social events became anxiety-riddled and unenjoyable because she was worried she would backslide.

While Kaelin was battling this, I was fighting a similar battle in my relationship with work.

I constantly kept my foot on the gas in the business because I was scared the business would unravel.

If you weren’t in the business you were dead to me.

We both thought it was an all-or-nothing game.

I was eating healthy and working out, sleeping well but then found myself sick almost every week.

For years my lifestyle had helped me crush it- but now the healthiest habits I had sworn by left me ill.

So what hacks did we build into days to build healthier, happier lives ESPECIALLY as busy entrepreneurs?

✅ What kinds of workouts are “best”?

  • The answer: the ones you’ll keep doing.

  • Pretty much any form of exercise is great as long as it is sustainable.

  • If you love it- but it’s only doable twice a month- it’s not going to be as helpful long term.

  • If you see great results but you have to take 5-day breaks to recover- you’re not likely to keep it up.

✅ How to systemize your health.

  • Make home-cooked or meal-prepped foods automatic.

  • Order from a local company to reduce sodium, remove preservatives, and improve the nutritional quality and taste of your meal preps.

  • Have your go-to grocery list already made, saved, and ready to “reorder”.

  • This is something you can set up ONCE and just repeat over and over.

✅ How you feel and how you look can be different in health.

  • People see the bodybuilding community and assume that is the epitome of health.

  • The truth is in order to look like they do (vascular, super muscley, every muscle pronounced) you need to essentially be starving and dehydrated.

  • Bodybuilders do short-term cutting to look absolutely shredded for show day- it is NOT maintainable to look that way 24/7.

  • How you feel is significantly more important than being able to see your 6-pack abs.

  • Look at your energy levels, your sleep, your clarity of thought, and your strength as milestones.

✅ What tests we’ve done to understand and feel our best.

  • Genetic testing, food sensitivity testing, MTHFR mutation testing.

  • We found out that fasting (which I have SWORN BY for YEARS) was leaving my body starved for nutrients and calories.

  • I couldn’t eat enough in my time span to promote a healthy immune system, calorie count, and nutrition.

  • You need to personalize your health.

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