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Simplifying the Customer Journey: A Loyalty Reality Check

September 26, 20232 min read

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I once bought a bike for $7K and they wanted another $3K for a battery. 🙄

🛵 It was a super cool electric motorbike.

The product was shipped to me & didn't work.

The company thankfully replaced it but the return process was definitely not as smooth as it could have been.

But they replaced it so all was good.

and honestly- I LOVED that thing.

It was fun.

I referred 3 people to them within the following months.

My replacement dies before I've had it for a year.

I contacted them trying to get customer service.

After weeks of jumping through hoops, I got a guy to hop on a Zoom with me to help me troubleshoot it.

🔋 It's the battery.

"Oh awesome, will you ship me another battery then?"

"No you'll have to buy it. A battery is $3500".

The bike was still covered under a 2-year warranty and I was expected to cover half the cost of the bike to repair it.

I couldn't refund/return it.

I couldn't get them to honor the warranty.

I couldn't exchange it.

I got mad.

"So what you're really telling me is you don't stand behind your product," I told them.

If you want a business that thrives you need loyal customers.

I won't be buying a battery OR ever again.

I won't recommend them to anyone now.

In fact- if a friend is looking at one- I'll recommend they don't buy it.

As a business owner, your job is to solve customer problems.

If you can get rid of all the roadblocks and simplify your customer's journey with a great product, you'll have raving fans for life.

A raving customer will tell a few people about you, and an unhappy one will tell 10.

Juicy Action Items:

  • Always leave them "whole" (aka with a good taste in their mouth)

  • Deliver with excellence and give special things to over-deliver.

  • Don't cut costs on the customer.

  • Create clarity on how they interact with your brand.

  • Remove Friction

We're giving you real-life examples and a blueprint for creating a journey that thrills your customers.

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