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Secret Health Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs Part 2

August 29, 20233 min read

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Ignoring your health will cost you.

Within 2 weeks of removing Folic Acid from our diet, our kids became different people (tantrums gone almost overnight).

Kaelin experienced reduced anxiety and depression.

I stopped getting sick every other week.

It turned out we had a gene mutation that didn't let us process folic acid and we needed to switch to consuming folate instead.

Health is NOT one size fits all.

We ONLY learned this- because we ordered genetic testing.

These are all the health hacks that I guarantee will change your life.

On this week's episode, we're covering:

✅ Tests that changed our lives forever.

✅ The superpowers you gain from using a sauna.

✅ The #1 product for hydration that ISN'T packed with sugar.

✅ How to optimize your sleep.

✅ What's ACTUALLY in the water you're drinking?

✅ All the companies we use for testing and cleaning products.

If you take your health seriously and want to create a fuller healthier life for yourself, this episode is for you.

Let’s start with sleep.

Kaelin needs it to be COLD to get optimal sleep- like 66 degrees cold.

I need it warm- like 80 degrees warm.

The SleepMe is a pad that goes on your bed and it can warm or cool each side of the bed to match the ideal temperature for the sleeper.

It has been a lifesaver for both of us AND you can set it to incrementally change overnight.

Next section is Folic Acid.

If you’ve never been tested for mthfr gene mutation test we HIGHLY recommend you get it.

Kaelin and I both have the gene mutation along with our kids and it has completely changed our health.

Kaelin was relieved of depression symptoms, our kids had less tantrums, slept better and changed overnight.

I was sick less often.

It was a game changer for our health.

Food Sensitivity and Allergy Testing.

Getting a full sensitivity test is another phenomenal way to improve your health.

You’ll be amazed at the amount of things that are “healthy” but not a great fit for you personally.

The foods you are eating may be causing inflammation, brain fog, and messing with your immune system simply because your body is sensitive to them.

Health is NOT one size fits all and this is a simple way to find what’s best for you and your body.

Wake Up and read the Labels is a great resource for finding alternatives for foods you love and switching to the ideal foods for yourself.

Improving your water as much as possible.

Alkaline water in a bottle is a scam- the alkalinity goes away within a day of being put into plastic.

If you’re going to drink alkaline water, get an at-home system.

Increasing water intake is important and you need to add electrolytes to it.

Chugging water all day with no electrolytes flushes the electrolytes out of your system- further dehydrating you.

We love LMNT.

It adds electrolytes without adding tons of sugar like other brands.

Using a Sauna to Detox.

I personally love this hack- ESPECIALLY when you are sick.

It helps you break a fever and sweat out all the junk.

You’ll want to make sure you take electrolytes before and after doing a sauna to replace the salt you lose sweating.

Other health hacks that have changed our lives.

Red Light and Infrared Light are great additions to the sauna.

Cold Plunging.

Oxygen Therapy.

Salt chamber.

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